How does Forex Cashback work and what should I do to use it?

If you open an account through us, or link an existing account, the brokers pay us part of their spreads and commissions on every single trade you make. We then share most of this revenue with you.

In order to use this service, you simply have to join Forex4less for free. Then follow the instructions in the login area to open an account or to link an existing one with Forex4less. Once your account has been verified, you will receive cashback payments for each trade.

Why should I join Forex4less and use the cashback service?

To reduce your trading costs and increase your profits. Benefit from risk-free cashback payments that you would otherwise not have.

Will my trading conditions change and is there really no snag?

Your trading conditions (spread, commission, swap, etc.) will definitely not change. You can only profit by joining Forex4less.

Will I get a cashback payment for every trade?

Regardless of whether your trade has been closed with profit or loss, you will receive a cashback payment for each trade. In very exceptional cases, some brokers require a minimum holding time of a few minutes before a trade receives cashback. However, this is extremely rare; if applicable, such information can be fund within the respective broker details.

In this context it must be mentioned, that brokers do not allow churning. Therefore, an exclusive focus on simple cashback generation might result in a broker, denying cashback payments for those particular trades.

Does Forex4less have access to my trading account?

Definitely not! We do not need any access data from you. Instead, we get a daily information about the received cashback payments from your broker. These will be displayed to you immediately.

Can I also use my existing trading account to get cashback payments?

In most cases this is possible, but it depends on the broker. Please check our broker page to see if your broker offers to link your existing account with us.

When will my cashback payments show up?

Once a day, we get an information from your broker about the received cashback payments. These will immediately be displayed to you. Once a month, all funds are collected from all brokers. As soon as we have received them, they become available to you for payout. This usually takes place between the 1st and 10th of each month.

Can I collect my cashback payments in a currency other than US-Dollars?

Unfortunately this is currently not possible.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can choose between the following four payment options:

1. PayPal (2% fee)

2. Skrill (2% fee, max 20 $)

3. Wire Transfer (fees may apply)

You can request your 1st payout after you have accumulated at least $100. You will also receive your $10 bonus with your first payout. For further withdrawals you must reach at least $10.

Does Forex4less also offer investment advice?

For legal reasons, we may not offer investment advice. However, if you need help with the selection of a suitable broker, we would be pleased to support you.

What can I do if my broker is not listed on your brokerage page?

In this case please contact us and we will immediately try to get your broker on board.